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Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 Pertemuan ke Empat

Exercise 43 : Problem Verbs Page 149

1.      You will see on the map that the Public Auditorium lies north of the lake.
2.      My dog loves to sit in the sun.
3.      The delivery boy lay the groceries on the table.
4.      After the heavy rain, the water in the lake rose another two feet.
5.      The paper hangers decided to raise the picture a few more inches.
6.      He was exhausted so he decided to lay down for a little while.
7.      The workers were laying cement for the patio when it began to rain.
8.      The soldier raised the flag when he heard the bugle blow.
9.      In chemistry class, we learned that hot air rises.
10.  They tried to set the expiosives carefully on the floor.

Mini-Test 3 for Grammar Items 21 Through 29 Page 149-154

1.     D. But too interesting
2.     A. He should take
3.     C. Know
4.     B. Speaks
5.     B. Entering
6.     B. Fine
7.     A. In spite
8.     B. To make
9.     A. Rising
10.  B. The Officers’ Club
11.  A. Read
12.  A. Knew how
13.  C. Despite of
14.  B. Studies
15.  B. Practices
16.  A. Studied
17.  A. Set
18.  B. He
19.  D. As well
20.  B. Us enter
21.  A. Know how
22.  A. Have been informed
23.  C. Advertise
24.  D. As well
25.  A. Work
26.  A. To rewrite
27.  A. Be divided
28.  C. Were destroying
29.  B. As well as
30.  A. Raised
31.  A. Of whom the
32.  A. Although
33.  A. Has repealed
34.  B. Who
35.  A. In spite
36.  A. That
37.  A. Told Mr. Anderson that
38.  A. Sat
39.  A. Which
40.  A. Despite of
41.  A. Has cancelled
42.  C. Laying
43.  A. Discovered
44.  A. Lay
45.  D. To rewrite
46.  A. Stated he
47.  B. Be injured
48.  A. That
49.  B. To rise
50.  D. Able finding

I.  Correct these incorrect Sentences

1.      I wish that you could repair my broken computer.
2.      Lintang would rather eat orange than apple.
3.      Brenda prefers to go to Berlin than go to Paris.
4.      She wishes that  she was coming to the party.
5.      This car costs twenty dollars.
6.      Angel is supposed to study tonight.
7.      It may have rained last night.
8.      Depok’s climate is different with Bekasi’s.
9.      These are twenty-dollar shoes.
10.  Olivia should have finished her study.
11.  The car runs as fast as a race car.
12.  Edwin had better become a pilot.
13.  The little boys mother bought him a five-speed racing bicycle for his birthday.
14.  Edwin had such enjoyable vacation in Europe this summer that he plans to return as soonas he saves enough money.

II.  Supply the correct form of the verb, adjective or adverb of the following sentences.
1.      Henry talks to his dog as if it ______ him. (Could understood)
2.      I  ______ if they invite me to the party. (Will accept)
3.      Maria would rather that we ______ more that we do. (Study)
4.      The Plane will arrive  ______. (Soon)
5.      If she wins the prize, it will be because she  ______ very well. (Writes)
6.      If they had known him, they  ______ to him. (Would have talked)
7.      Had they arrived at the sale early, they  ______ a better selection. (Would have founded)
8.      Marry feels  ______ about her test grade. (Bad)
9.      Rita plays the violin  ______. (Well)
10.  If i finish the dress before Saturday, I  ______ it to my sister her birthday. ( I will give)
11.  If he had left already, he  ______ us. (Would have call)
12.  The girls speak  ______ french. (Fluent)
13.  They become  ______ after eating the contaminated food. (Sick)
14.  He would understand it if you  ______ it to him more slowly. (Had explained)
15.  We would rather  ______ home tonight. (Staying)
16.  He had an accident because he was driving too  ______. (Fast)
17.  His job is  ______ than his friend’s. (More important)
18.  Last week was  ______ as this week. (as hot)

III.   Change these Active sentences into Passive sentences

1.      I am eating a bowl of Bakso. (A bowl of bakso is being eaten by me)
2.      We have repaired the broken computers. (The broken computers have been repaired by us)
3.      She gave me a new dress last week. (I was given a new dress by her last week)
4.      They are studying English. (English is being studied by them)
5.      She sends me a lot of letters every month. (I am sent a lot of letters every month by her)
6.      Brenda answered the questions correctly. (The questions are answerred correctly by Brenda)
7.      Mr Robert will call Mr The odorus tonight. (Mr The odorus will be called by Mr Robert tonight)

8.      You should switch off your HP in the train. (Your HP should be switched off in the train)

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