Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

Exercise 26-Exercise 30

Exercise 26: Adjective and Adverbs

Circle the correct form in parentheses.

1.      Rita plays violin (good/well).

2.      That is an (intense/intensely) novel.

3.      The sun is shining (bright/brightly).

4.      The girls speak (fluent/fluently) French.

5.      The boys speak Spanish (fluent/fluently).

6.      The table has a (smooth/smoothly) surface.

7.      We must figure our income tax returns (accurate/accurately).

8.      We don’t like to drink (bitter/bitterly) tea.

9.      The plane will arrive (soon/sonly).

10.  He had an accident because he was driving too (fast/fastly).

Answer :

1.      good
2.      intensely
3.      bright
4.      fluently
5.      fluently
6.      smooth
7.      accurately
8.      bitterly
9.      soon
10.   fast

Exercise 27: Linking (Compulative) verbs

Circle the correct form in parentheses.

1.      Your cold sounds (terrible/terribly).

2.      The pianist plays very (good/well).

3.      The food in the restaurant always tastes (good/well).

4.      The campers remained (calm/calmly) despite the thunderstorm.

5.      They became (sick/sickly) after eating the contaminated food.

6.      Professor Calandra looked (quick/quickly) at the students sketches.

7.      Paco was working (diligent/diligently) on the project.

8.      Paul protested (vehement/ vehemently) about the new proposals.

9.      Our neighbors appread (relaxed/relaxedly) after their vacation.

10.  The music sounded too (noisy/noisily) to be classical.

Answer :

1.      terrible
2.      well
3.      good
4.      calm
5.      sick
6.      quickly
7.      diligent
8.      vehement
9.      relaxed
10.  noisy

Exercise 28: Comparisons

Supply the correct form of the adjectives and adverbs in parentheses. Let asand thanbe your clues. Add any other words that may be necessary.

1.      John and his friends left (soon) as the professor had finished his lecture.

2.      His job is (important) than his friends.

3.      He plays the guitar (well) as Andres Segovia.

4.      A new house is much (expensive) than an older one.

5.      Last week was (hot) as this week.

6.      Martha is (talented) than her cousin.

7.      Bill’s descriptions are (colorful) than his wife’s.

8.      Nobody is (happy) than Maria Elena.

9.      The boys felt (bad) than the girls about losing the game.

10.  A greyhound runs (fast) than a Chihuahua.

Answer :

1.      as soon
2.      more important
3.      as well
4.      more expensive
5.      as hot
6.      more talented
7.      more colorful
8.      more happy
9.      worse bad
10.  more fast

Exercise29: Comparisons

Supply than, as, or from in each of the following sentences.

1.      The Empire State Building  is taller ______  the Statue of Liberty.

2.      California is farther from New York ______ Pennsylvania.

3.      His assignments is different ______ mine.

4.      Louie reads more quickly ______ his sisters.

5.      No animal is so big ______ King Kong.

6.      That report is less impressive ______ the government’s.

7.      Sam wears the same shirt  ______ his teammates.

8.      Dave paints much more realistically ______ his professor.

9.      The twins have less money at the end of the month ______ they have at the beginning.

10.  Her sports car is different ______ Nancy’s.

Answer :

1.      than
2.      than
3.      from
4.      than
5.      from
6.      than
7.      as
8.      than
9.      than
10.  from

Exercise 30: Comparisons
Select the correct form in parentheses in the following sentences.

1.      Of the four dresses, I like the red one (better/best).

2.      Phil is (happier/happiest) person that we know

3.      Pat’s car is (faster/fastest) than Dan’s

4.      This is the (creamier/creamiest) ice cream I have had in a long time

5.      This poster is (colorfuler/more colorful) than the one in the ball

6.      Does fred feel (weller/better) today than he did yesterday

7.      This vegetable soup tastes very (good/well)

8.      While trying to balance the baskets on her head, the woman walked (awkwarder/more awkwardly) than her daughter

9.      Jane is the (less/least) athletic of all the women

10.  My cat is the (prettier/prettiest) of the two

11.  This summary is (the better/the best) of the pair.

12.  Your heritage is different (from/than) mine.

13.  This painting is (less impressive/least impressive) than the one in the other gallery.

14.  The colder the weather gets, (sicker/the sicker) I feel.

15.  No sooner had he received the letter (when/than) he called Maria.

16.  A mink coat costs (twice more than/twice as much as) a sable coat.

17.  Jim has as (little/few) opportunities to play tennis as I.

18.  That recipe calls for (many/much) more sugar than mine does.

19.  The museum is the (farther/farthest) away of the three buildings.

20.  George Washington is (famouser/more famous) than John Jay.

Answer :

1.      Best
2.      happier
3.      faster
4.      creamiest
5.      more colorful
6.      better
7.      good
8.      more awkwardly
9.      less
10.  Prettiest
11.  the best
12.  from
13.  less impressive
14.  the sicker
15.  than
16.  twice more than
17.  little
18.  many
19.  farther
20.  more famous