Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

how to make a good governence

Good governance is broader than good goverment. Good goverment only refers to the management organization based on the highest authority (state and government) were of good governance involves not only the government and the state but also a variety of factors beyond the government's state (state), private sector (private sector) and civil society organizations (NGOs).

Good governance is the mechanism, practices, and procedures of the government and citizens to organize resources to solve public problems. Another definition says governance is a resource management mechanism that involves economic and social influence of the state sector and non-governmental sectors in a collective effort. This definition assumes a lot of actors are involved where there is no dominant that determine the motion of the other actors. The first message of the terminology governance denied a formal understanding of the workings of state institutions. Governance recognizes that there are many people in the decision-making center that works on different levels.

Good governance is often translated as good governance or also called civil society. Good governance can also be defined as an organization of construction management, empowerment, and service in line with democracy (government of, by, and for the people). Demands for achieving good governance has become an important issue in Indonesia since the financial crisis that occurred in 1997 sd , 1998. Crisis is then expanded into a multi-dimensional crisis has encouraged feedback and demanding reforms in the administration of the country including the government.

In my opinion, good governance would be achieved if the citizens and the private sector is responsible for the active and conscious, along with a government that is open, responsive, willing to listen and willing to involve citizens as well as the control that goes well.

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